??? A Village of Blossom, A park without walls NongKe
village, Located in???? Township, Pixian County, Chengdu, China, is designated as National Agriculture Tourism Demonstration Model. The Core area Covers more than 18 hectares (280 Chinese Mu) with 280 villagers, Since if locates in center of National ecological Demonstration and China potte..
Gourmet Festival
??? NongKe village has won state and Local Leaders appraisal and is well known overseas. State leader HuJin-Tao, Wu Bang-Guo, Qiao shi, Chen Mu-Hua, Lie Tie-Ying, Jiang Zhe-Hui, chairman of China Flower Association and many ministers and governors inspected this village. Over 20 Countries and regional foreign visitors traveled to this place. The blossom village is sailing to ..
Star Rummery
· Chinese potted landscape garden
· The Xu 's compound
· Sight scene building